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Final Ukraine Mission team photo 2019

Final photo below- well done all! 
Vicki Schmidt
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Goodbye Gyula, Akli and Uj Akli - our Mission week has finished!

After 8 days in the Ukrainian villages sadly our week has come to an end!  Our Medical, Dental and Hygienist teams have packed all their equipment away ready for  another year; our School team are packed and ready to go and finally our Community team who have concluded over 50 house pastoral visits are also saying their goodbyes! 
We have been royally hosted by our village host families, experienced such generous hospitality and been touched by so many heart wrenching stories- what a truly incredible week!  God  has been faithful answering prayers and keeping close to us protecting us so we can step out in faith for Him!
As I write we are have just crossed safely over the border into Romania so mobile data can be used as we are now in EU. We are heading to Budapest for a day of rest and relaxation before we arrive in good old England. 
Here's our final team photo in 34 degrees bright and sunny here for the next few days. 
See you in Claygate!

Vicki Schmidt

Toddlers Club - a first for the Ukraine Mission

Big hit yesterday as Toddlers Club was run for the first time in Gyula - kids and adults all had fun!  With over 20 children between 0-4 and their Carers the Community team led a session for 45 minutes with the theme of Noah's Ark complete with puppet story and Mr Cow song (big success!) It would be great to continue this Club next year :-)

Vicki Schmidt

Gypsy village visit

Today's Gypsy village visit was both humbling and touching as we distributed soft toys and tooth brushes to the children- they were overjoyed! 
Tomorrow these people the poorest of the poor in this region will be able to see the doctors and get medication they desperately need but can't pay for. 

Vicki Schmidt

New Gyula church roof - New beginnings!

After a tiring day in our teams - Youth, School, Medical and Community visiting we walked past the church in Gyula to see that the roof had gone!  Over the next few weeks it will be completely replaced- this happens every 30 years or so (last time 1987.  The new roof will last 50 years and it is interesting to wonder what changes will take place in the village and under the new roof in the next 50 years!  God is so present amongst so many of these people with their simple lifestyles - I pray that that will never change!  --
Vicki Schmidt

Gyula School Holiday Club off and running!

This year with over 140 children and 70 Youth the children's Mission in Gyula village is as busy as ever!  With the theme of water/creation and looking after our planet the children have learnt to sing Yellow Submarine with gusto today (I know tenuous link to  the theme but it was a big hit).
Below are photos of the children having lunch outside and playing in their school garden - a fabulous 29 degrees here.  How beautiful Gods creation is for us to enjoy and to appreciate that He made everything!  
Greetings from Gyula School! 
Vicki Schmidt

Eyes down for Bingo!

This morning Weds 7th Aug the Pensioners came along to a Club and enjoyed rare social time playing Bingo organised by the Ukraine Community team - prizes were on offer - much fun was had by all! 
Legs Eleven number 11 and clickety click number 66 - anyone for Bingo in HTC?!?

Greetings from Gyula and Akli


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